Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

We provide comprehensive solutions for projects implementation for energy generation and installation of energy storage systems (ESS) using advanced technologies
DR. HUTAREW & PARTNER UKRAINE implements high-tech engineering solutions and cooperates with many well-known companies, such as SAFT Batteries, KOKAM, Fluence Energy, VARTA Storage, TESVOLT, SVOLT Energy, Hitachi-ABB Power Grids, SMA Solar Technology, Indrivetec, and others.
The specified solutions proposed by our experts can be implemented in combination with solar, wind power plants to maximize the use of solar and wind energy, and to cover the uneven weather conditions, and provide better forecasting of generation volumes.
By installing ESS you have the opportunity to offer your services for balancing and redundancy of Ukrainian Energy Grid, earning money on the market of ancillary services, to participate in various segments of energy market.
Fields of Application
Reducing grid power consumption
Peaks shaving in power consumption and redundancy during power outages
Frequency and voltage regulation, autonomous starting of generating units
Ensuring power balance, frequency regulation in the power system
Improving energy quality
Increasing efficiency of own generation
Combined use with Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
Ancillary services & commercial arbitrage (day/night tariffs)
Our Services
Feasibility study and development of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Projects
Supply and installation of ESS for energy grid companies
Supply and installation of ESS for distributed energy, including Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
Supply and installation of ESS for industrial and commercial (C&I) facilities
Personnel training, commissioning, maintenance and repair of ESS units
Your Benefits
Planned and forecasted energy output (in particular, for Renewable Energy Sources)
Improving reliability of power supply
Reduction of power losses
Improving energy quality
Uninterrupted power supply of objects (UPS functionality)
Reduction of fuel consumption of diesel generator, gas turbine and gas piston units
Typical ESS Configuration
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
BMS - Battery Management System
PCS - Power Conversion System
EMS - Energy Management System
HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning
Smoke Detection & Fire Suppression System
Questionnaire & Consultations
Contact us, and our Experts will provide you with ESS Questionnaire with the main parameters of ESS for filling out, developing Technical Request and further consultations.
Purpose of ESS (industrial or commercial, modes and functions)
Location and scope of Project
Type of installation (external or internal) and degree of protection (IP)
Required power (MW or kW)
Required energy capacity (MWh or kWh)
Required battery duration (hours or minutes)
Voltage (V) and frequency (Hz)
Temperature and climate conditions
Warranty period (years and number of cycles)
Expected timeline of Project implementation